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Generic Magic Realism was nominated for a 2013 New York Innovative Theatre Award for Outstanding Solo Performance by Nat Cassidy. This and several other plays by Ed that have appeared in FringeNYC and Frigid have been selected for the online collection Indie Theater Now from New York Theatre Experience! Óscar Tango-Bravo was selected for the Plays and Playwrights anthology!

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#1:"Father Christmas", 10 minute monologue starring Michael Bordwell

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Performed as part of Testogenius 2010, the Father's Day showcase at Manhattan Theatre Source.

The Spontaneous Combustion Anthology, featuring 55 plays (4 by Ed), is now available here.


Temerity Theatre Co. is pleased to announce the world premiere of "The Troubadour Struck By Lightning" in FringeNYC, August, 2016! The play is written by Ed Malin and directed by Janet Bentley, with music by The Roly Polys, costume design by Janet Mervin, lighting design by Lucky Pearto, choreography by Tatyana Kot and stage management by Katie Barnhard and Elizabeth Contessa. The cast includes Lance Olds*, Tim Weinert*, Michael Hagins, Francesco  Andolfi, Mary Sheridan*, Hennessy, Mary Baynard and Victoria Scott.

*Appears courtesy of Actors Equity Association

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Love. Music. Men. Muslims. Men who like men who like Muslims who like poems. A rampant fantasia of medieval times.

A racy look at the music, poetry, heretics and sexual deviance of the South of France circa 1325.  A play with music, which asks questions about the origins of today’s culture of love.  In the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries, one million Christians were killed in Provence by Catholic armies during the “Albigensian Crusade”.  Join Manfred son of Manfredo, a singer who finds out the hard way why these things happened and how religious tolerance and freedom of love can survive. Contains homoerotic poetry.

Performances are at Venue 6: The Theater at the 14th St Y

344 East 14th Street at 1st Avenue

TUE 16 @ 9:30 (Fringe + show)  ||  SAT 20 @ 1:45  ||  MON 22 @ 6  ||  THU 25 @ 5  ||  SAT 27 @ 7:45

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