Temerity Theatre – Who We Are

We are theatrical artists committed to examining our world through comedy, satire, language abuse and action.


Our first production in New York was “Dog Spelled Backwards Is Krishna” at Todo Con Nada in early 1997. At that time, the company was known as L’aardvarcchio Productions. “Joyous Religious Confrontation” was performed at Rutgers University in 1997, where “Que Sirrah Sirrah!” was presented in 1994.

“Dog Spelled Backwards Is Krishna” returned for the First Annual New York International Fringe Festival in August, 1997 and again at Manhattan Theatre Source in May, 2000.

“L’aardvarcchio” was performed at Todo Con Nada in February, 1998 and at the Pantheon Theatre in August, 1998.

“Presumed Retarded” was performed at Manhattan Theatre Source in June, 2001.

“Santa Fifa” premiered at the Wicked Ren Faire in early 2002.  “Le Chakra Du Printemps” was performed there in Spring, 2005.

“Film Noix” appeared at Under St Marks in December, 2004 and returned for the New York International Fringe Festival in August, 2005.

Several evenings of Ed Malin’s short pieces such as “Girl = Mass x Anorexia”, “Judge Yuri and Executioner”, and many pieces from Spontaneous Combustion were presented at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe in May, 2005. “So Who’re You Gonna Blame” premiered there in February, 2006.

“Stofsyers en Babas”, also from Spontaneous Combustion, was part of the Samuel French Festival in June, 2006.

“The Inconstant Infection” received a reading at Art for Change in Fall of 2005 and was performed as part of the New York International Fringe Festival in August, 2006.

“The Colossus of Rhode Island”, a play with music by Ed Malin and Peter Dizozza, was performed at the Dramatists Guild Footlights series in 2006.

Ed’s short play “Beginning, Middle and End” was part of the 2007 Samuel French Festival.

Ed collaborated with Peter Dizozza and Maria Micheles on “Oh Happy Three” in 2007. This featured Ed’s plays “I Shall Not Be Suede” and “Judge, Yuri & Executioner”. A second “Oh Happy Three” show followed in 2008, with Ed’s plays “Tribes of Maronii”, “The Return of the King”, and “Abkhazia, God Bless You.”

Ed has contributed two pieces to Brooklyn Playwrights: “The Pithecanthropist” in the 2007 Beyond Brecht Festival and “Sexy Monk” in the 2008 Confronting Chekhov Festival.

“Cabaret Sauvignon” received a reading at Manhattan Theatre Source in the Fall of 2008.

“American Jataka Tales” was part of the Manhattan Theatre Source Writers Group’s InGenius Festival in January, 2009 and the New York International Fringe Festival in August, 2009.

“Father Christmas” was seen in TestoGenius 2010, while “Mesculun Feminine” appeared in TestoGenius 2011.

“The Addicts”, a gay Jews for Jesus play, had a reading at Manhattan Theatre Source in April, 2011 courtesy of Boo-Arts Productions. This was followed by a reading of “Inversion Of The Baby Snatchers” in the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity in June, 2011. “The Troubadour Struck By Lightning” had a reading at The Home Of in October, 2011. “The Color Brunette” was seen at Dixon Place in November, 2011.

2012 projects included the return of “Judge, Yuri & Executioner” in the Frigid Festival, directed by DeLisa White and starring Mac Rogers. “The Adventure of Barry Sachs” was seen in the InGenius Festival. “A Civet Duty” received a reading in Estrogenius Xtended.

2013 started for us with “Generic Magic Realism” in the Frigid Festival, directed by DeLisa White and starring Nat Cassidy. After a sold-out show, an additional “Hangover” performance was added. Nat Cassidy received a New York Innovative Theatre Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance. “The Troubadour Struck By Lightning” had its premiere at Dixon Place in May.

Our radio series starring Barry Sachs, Private Detective continued in development with a reading at the WorkShop Theatre. In February of 2014, “Óscar Tango-Bravo” premiered in the Frigid Festival. The show was directed by Bricken Sparacino and starred Kerry Fitzgibbons, Alaina Hammond, Roi King, Tiffany May McRae, James Rieser, and Glenn B. Stoops. “Óscar Tango-Bravo” was included in the “Plays and Playwrights 2015” anthology from Indie Theater Now.

“The Addicts” received a full production at Theatre For The New City April 16-May 3, 2015. Janet Bentley directed the premiere, which featured Ariel Zuckerman, Wesli Spencer, Ashlee Danielle, Daniela Thome, Gonçalo Ruivo, David Bonfim, Ross Shenker and Daniel Deutsch.

“Queers For Fears” was part of the inaugural F*ckfest at The Brick in June, 2015.

“Mickey Mao” was part of NyLon Fusion’s This Round’s On Us in late June, 2015.

“Generic Magic Realism” returned in United Solo Festival in the Fall of 2015.

In November, 2015, Ed was honored to contribute a new play “Tapestry” for NY Madness.

Temerity Theatre would like to thank our donors from our two Indiegogo campaigns:
Owen Gottlieb, Stephen Zuckerman, Rod Colvin, Susan and Michael Malin, Mariah MacCarthy, Paul Ogilvie-Underbridge, Patrick Johnson, Albert Farabi, Roy GeBeFah, Shareef al-Sharqi, Ute Fürstin-Späss, Daniel Deutsch, Hildegard von Obst-Gemüse, Felipe Ossa, RaMBaM Lamadingdong, Shibuya Sanjay, Mac Rogers, Kathleen O’Neill, Charles B. Katzenstein, Ellen DeGenerous, Nat Cassidy, Martin Lipton, Jeanell Leath, Laura Holt, Jeff Mach

2016 for Temerity Theatre started with the inclusion of Ed’s monologues “Snow Story” and “A Footprint” in Bricken Sparacino’s STEM Fest at The Kraine on January 14th. That May, “Doctor Life” premiered in TNC’s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts. Our big production that year was “The Troubadour Struck By Lightning” in FringeNYC”. Ed contributed “Weed-Out Class” to NY Madness in September, 2016.

“Return of the King” was expanded from the scenes presented in “Oh Happy Three” and a longer version was workshopped in Wide Eyed Winks in 2015.  A portion of “Vandalusía” was workshopped with Wide Eyed Winks in 2016.

Ed wrote “Goth Goes to Diner”, “Equine Opportunity”, “To Give Or Not To Give”, and “Non-Human Empathy” for the Indie Theater 1-Minute Play Festival in 2017 and 2020.

For AMIOS Shotz, Ed wrote “Brave New Clone Posse” in May, 2017.  “Cirrhosis of the L-Word” was produced by NyLon Fusion in June, 2017.

Readings of “Huma nism” and the “Barry Sachs” series were hosted by NyLon Fusion in 2017.

“Blocking The Dead on Social Media” premiered at TNC’s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts in May, 2018. Ed contributed “Dog Fancy” to NY Madness in August, 2018.

Courtesy of the Rising Sun Performance Company residency on Governors Island, we workshopped “Freeze-Dried Love ” in June, 2019.

Ed has written and acted in several original plays with Living Radio a.k.a. Radio Cote in 2019 through 2023 and counting: “Dragon In The City”, “Summer Rising “, “Death Valley Takes A Holiday”.

Ed premiered his story cycle “Magic Carpet Ride” at Evil Expo in January, 2020.

“La Petite Chartreuse” was workshopped over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. A video version was presented at Theater for the New City’s Lower East Side Festival of the Arts in May, 2020.  Naked Angels generously slotted in three live workshop dates for the piece in 2021 and 2022 via Zoom and at their first in-person session as the pandemic ebbed.  (The latter date was in a church, very appropriate to the piece and a pleasant surprise to the author.)

In March of 2023, “La Petite Chartreuse: Cross-Dressing Monk)” premiered at Under St Marks. The show was directed by Lori Kee and starred Sam Mercer and Ed Malin.  The Roly Polys provided original audio and video.

2024 ongoing projects include “Return of the King”, “E.T.A. For Hoffmann”, “Vandalusía”, “Barry Sachs”, “Huma nism”, “Grand Theft Plagiarism”, and the “Danyela Schartz-Browne” cycle.  Thank you for visiting our updated website.