Norman’s Submissive Gameplan

“You better come into my dungeon

Because outside you got to have free will.”


Norman could hear her singing from all the way down the cell block.  He knew he should object.  After all, Mistress Bouzouki was flat.  Not flat-chested, no, certainly not that, merely a few intervals short of natural.  But, then Norman remembered the money.  If he could last 2 months on this submissives reality show, then he could collect the jackpot.  And it would be in Bitcoin, because fuck the Euro.  Yes, he knew he had a duty to his wife and their three children, who were approaching college age.  Well, she was actually his sister, not his wife, but no one knew this, and no one was going to find out!!


Norman arched his back.  Doing this was equivalent to jerking his own chain, so he had to make sure the camera crew wasn’t about. If he shuffled ball heel toe toe, then he could move the chain without making any jingling noise.  Norman wanted to be submissive so bad, he was willing to be assertive to get there.


Then, a great fanfare was heard.  They tell you they add that in post, but it just wasn’t true.


Norman kept his eyes down as a tremendous stiletto thrust up in his personal space.  “Oh Norrman!” boomed the voice of Mistress.


“Yes, Mistress Bouzouki?”


“Lick my booty!”  He knew what she meant, and went to town on that shoe.   When it was super shiny, he could get a glimpse of his own reflection.


“Norrman, you are such a good slave.” (pause) “I know that’s an oxymoron, like Chinese Democracy.”


Norman held his tongue.  But he needn’t have bothered, since Mistress liked to hold onto his tongue for him.  When she finally let go, he knew he was allowed to look upwards, to see the two heavenly orbs, and above them them, her face, and above that, the boom crane which recorded their words for the video on demand audience.


“Norrman, it is so nice of you to stay in my dungeon all through the American Erections!”


“Yes, Mistress, I have no need to vote.”


“And why is that,” she asked.


“Because, Mistress, the two party system is a duality, a mere illusion.”


“Good boy,” she mewed.  “You have dumbed down and lost your will completely to me!”


“And cut!” came a voice from behind the camera.  The Vancouver camera crew applauded.  They knew this was Norman’s last appearance, that all the other scenes were in the can.


The guy with the boom crane came over to ask Norman, “Did you really agree to stay in here and not vote, eh?  What about your country, eh?”


“Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in post.”


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